Vibrep 1
Vibration '97 10" vinyl
Featured Dipper tracks;
Concrete head
Instant kamera (demo version)

Released in March 1997 (but not for sale in stores).
This 10" Ep was made as a tourprogram, as three bands from Vibrafon records (the Mopeds, Three blind mice and Dipper) went out on the road together. It was sold on the tour but never distributed to record stores.
Concrete head was recorded for the Instant man Ep. Recorded as usual, by Daniel Zqaty,but mixed by Per Sunding of Eggstone. Since it was decided we should have no more then five songs on the ep, it had to go. This was a chance for us to release it. Driven by a pumping bassline, this high energy popsong, tells the story of a man scared of the complexity of the world around him. The other track is the first version of Instant kamera we recorded. It was made in a small studio in Helsingborg with the help of Fredrik Olsson. This early version has none of the percussions the later version has, and comes on like a straight forward rocktune, with a little dance feel added to it.