Vampires of Justice was a band I played in for about a year. The members were: Me; bass, Thomas Westerdahl; vocals, Martin Thulin; guitar, Jens Enoksson; guitar, Stefan Rausfäldt; drums. We played some concerts in the cities near Bromölla as support to bands that came there. We only ever rehearsed when we had a gig coming or were set to record a demo. We recorded three demos (the second produced by Ebbot Lundberg, nowadays in Soundtracks of our lives) and got one song (Fucked up) on the CD compilation "Swedish Exotica 3". The band split up when we were about to support 22-Pistepirkko in Kristianstad. There was no possibility for us to rehearse, but some of us still wanted to play. For some reason this made the guitarists so angry, that they called it a day. Too bad, I thought we were great, but who am I to say it. Martin Thulin nowadays lives in Mexico City, where he plays with his new band Los Fancy-free.
  Vampires of Justice