They know what to expect
and they like it

1. Attention Span 2. Sweatshirts
3. Shaping up 4. Running Man
5. Employee of the Month 6. Spooky
7. Nightboat to Finland
8. Livingroom Floor 9. Concrete Head
10. Killing is Fun 11. Rattlesnakes


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Released 2nd of February 2000
The album "They know what to expect and they like it" was recorded during a pretty long time. Initial recordings were made in the spring of '98, with the aid of Marco Manieri. The records first release was in the beginning planned to be late autumn '98. We had a single ready, when all releases on Vibrafon were postponed. We continued working with Per Sunding and recorded a couple of new tracks in the beginning of '99. Due to Sunding's tight schedule the final mixing of the record also took some time. Finally in the autumn of '99 we were ready and there were no obstacles left for the release.
1. Attention span
is a midtempo song with a simple melody played by both the guitar and the bass leading to a somewhat catchy chorus. The lyrics are about the modern day disease of short attention span. 2.Sweatshirts is a quite old song, rearranged for the recording of the album. Pretty straightforward uptempo punk-pop. 3.Shaping up is the same song as on the Butterfinger single, but we thought it needed another chance. So we recorded it again. 4.Running Man is one of the late additions to the album. Midtempo rock tune with lyrics about moments when substance use controls you instead of the other way around. 5.Employee of the Month is a rabid rock song telling the story of a person trying to stay sane while struggling at the job. 6.Spooky is one of our older songs. It's a quite slow, almost stumbling, song about a guy that's popular and hangs around at parties, but feels sick inside. 7.Nightboat to Finland, another of the late additions, is an "almost" instrumental, trying to capture the feeling on the ferries to Finland with that twangy 60's instrumental sound. 8.Livingroom Floor is an early song. It's a poptune trodding along, with a simple melody. The lyrics are about adolescent sex. 9.Concrete head is a pretty aggressive song telling the story of a guy not wanting to think or make decisions of his own. Previously released in other versions, but this is a new one. 10.Killing is fun is trying to make a point. It's a fast, psychobilly-ish rock tune and the lyrics actually are a stand against the use of weapons as a means for solving problems. 11.Rattlesnakes is a quite slow pop-punk tune with meandering guitars The lyrics tell a tale about a guy who has made peace with his problems. Even though he knows they're destroying him.
Extra ; T.V Dinner on the vinyl version of the album (VIBRLP5), is an old song. It's a pretty monotonous song with lyrics about a lazy bum, content with life in front of the T.V.