First release of our own label Random Mandom.
Recorded in Bob Hunds Studio in Stockholm by Thomas Öberg and John Essing.

A1. Scrappy Necks
A2. Sticky Boy
A3. David Banner

B1. Beat The Clock
B2. They Know What To Expect And They Like It
B3. Sensational
B4. Seconds

The Songs:
Scrappy Necks was concieved not long before the recording session. We recorded it for posterity and have not played the song since. But we still love it.
Sticky Boy is also on "It Will All End In Tears" but this is a totally different recording. Much rougher in both sound and execution.
David Banner was released on a Groove Magazine sampler. Yes it's about the incredible Hulk. It's also one of the first songs Dipper made.

Beat the Clock is pure working man angst. Punk rock with nervous energy enough to start an ocean liner.
They Know What To... is the title track for the first album but it never made it there.
Sensational was recorded both for the first and the latest album, but didn't really fit into any of them. It's still a good song, so here it is.
Seconds is the title track for our second album, but it never made it there. It was (and is) a great song to end the set with and we used it exactly for that.