Snuffmovie Watchers was a band I played in for a couple of years in Bromölla. The members were: (clockwise from top left) Me; guitar and vocals, Thomas Westerdal; guitar and vocals, Stefan Rausfäldt; drums, and Niklas Olsson; bass. We played a kind of garagerock, including our own versions of Sweet and ABBA-songs. We did some gigs in the surroundings of Bromölla. Curiously enough at many biker-parties. We split up, partly because there were some different opinions about musical direction (a classic cause), and partly because we just got tired of it and lost the spark. Thomas Westerdal has stopped playing and lives in Bromölla. Stefan Rausfäldt now lives in Malmö. He played the drums in the excellent band Bent spanner, Arty Banner. They released some, mostly on their own labels or small local labels but split up. He now plays in Pets or Food. Niklas also moved down to Malmö and has a job as a social worker. He funnily enough appears on the innersleeve of the Dipper-EP "Instant Man".
Snuffmovie Watchers