Dipper 1
Seconds - outtakes and leftovers 1994 - 2001
1. Take a Break 2. You own a Tree 3. Tie Break
4. Aim 5. India 6. Date with Mom 7. Pull in the slack 8. Nagasaki 9. Seasick 10. Sandwedge
11. German Confidential 12. Cast Iron
13. Life expectancy 14. Lipstick 15. S-miles
16. Fish 17. Damaged Goods

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PS. The track listing on the album
is a bit messed up. To get the tracks right, switch tracks 7 & 8, and tracks 12 & 13.
The track listing here is as on the album. Just to make it more simple.
Sorry !

Released 20th of January 2005
We got tired of waiting for someone else to make it for us, so we released our own compilation of tracks we had lying in wait that we thought deserved better.
1. Take a Break This awful band called "shampoo" had left their awful lyrics lying around in the studio we recorded in. We regurgitated them while getting the level settings right.
2. You own a Tree
In the beginning known as "Love hurts" and yes it was a cheesy name. In the studio it got a spontaneous off the cuff lyric.
3. Tie Break
Originally released on the Rasslebygd sampler (see discography) An early anthem.
4. Aim
A kind of live favorite from a way back, but we've tried recording it a few times. This is one of our best efforts at it.
5. India
Joachim: "I read something about ravers getting coconuts dropped on their heads and dying while down in Goa due to the soundsystem...seemed like a lot of fun". The return of the power ballad
6. Date with Mom
A very early recording indeed. One of our first songs. It's got that spirit of '92.
7. Pull in the slack
With some kind of intense dance/ska beat, it's still one of our favorites.
8. Nagasaki
Dipper having our say about what goes down comes around..
9. Seasick
Joachim:"One of my favorite lyrics exterminating all the indigenous people on the planet as the white man says lets party".
10. Sandwedge
A song about good sex where we've crammed in all our love for punk-pop.
11. German Confidential
This one started our shows for quite some time. Road movie.
12. Cast Iron
A song we like a lot, but have had trouble getting right. This is the best recording of it.
13. Life expectancy
Sounds like what radio 4 were trying to do on their first album but we beat them to it!
14. Lipstick Joachim:"I used to work at a cypriot restaurant where the men chose their boys. The owner said I would never understand".
15. S-miles
An attempt to make very simple music indeed. "Do you wanna get numbed?"
16. Fish
A cover version of a track on The Damned's first album. Great encore stuff.
17. Damaged Goods
A version of a song by one of the best bands in the world ever, Gang of Four.