Team Dipper

Name Mats Patrik Magnus Malmros
Date/Place of birth 22/7 1966 in Helsingborg, Sweden
Formative years. Grew up in the Fredriksdal (until the age of four) and Husesjö areas in Helsingborg.
Earlier bands
Kåta hundar; Strange days; Night Stalkers; Captain Trash and his alcoholic five (and his garbage men , and his maniac love men); Dr. Delirious and the dropouts; Worshipers; Kerb Crawlers; Tallahassee roughnecks; Left overs; Solkungen; Superwined; Knoxville Tomcats; Gitshields; Men with broken Hearts; Ewing Family Stone.
Other interesting facts The drums are my main instrument, but I also play some guitar. My first instrument was the piano. In the first more serious band I was in (Strange days), I actually sang. The three earliest bands on my list, never performed live, but were still important for me, because it was in these bands that I got an opportunity to learn to play music together with other people.
Besides rock music I try to complete my studies at the School of Social Studies in Lund; am a collector of music in different formats, from old 78 records to CD's; read; go out a lot and enjoy myself and socialize with other people; like to wander around on flea markets and look at all the funny things.

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