Team Dipper

Name Magnus Karlsson

Date/Place of birth
65 12 17 in Ronneby, Sweden

Formative years
After growing up in Ronneby, there was a move to Lund in search of an identity, that developed further in Stockholm. A move back to Lund again, and then to Gothenburg as a draft resister and then back to Lund again.

Earlier bands
In Gothenburg he teamed up with a bunch of people hopelessly stuck in a world of incense and soft pillows. Became concrete in Lund and joined Scents, after that .dipper

Other interesting facts
Possibly the most tired guitarist the world has ever seen. Size 45 in shoes. Plays a Jaguar.

Besides rock music
Sometimes in front of the typewriter investigating paradoxes, sometimes drinking liquor and losing my socks.

Message to the world
"Blame it on the stones"
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