Team Dipper

Name Joachim Leksell
Date/Place of birth 30/9 1964 in Helsingborg, Sweden
Formative years. Helsingborg; Leksand; Västerås; Kvidinge; Uppsala; Lions bay, Vancouver; Manchester; Råå; Malmö.
Earlier bands Five free guys; Captain Trash; Worshipers; Left overs; dr. Delirious; Kerb Crawlers; Wined; Superwined; Scents; Sir Lord Erotic; Ewing Family Stone.
Other interesting facts Discovered the Clash in my bedroom and the Smiths at gay discos.
Besides rock music Work as a bartender, contemplate my navel, play seven-a-side soccer, collect hockey cards, operate as a part time autograph hunter, visit rock festivals and waste countless hours in front of my playstation.
Message to the world Everyone wearing Buffalo shoes/Platformboots should be forced to buy me a beer.

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