Released 10th of March 1997.
The EP was recorded and mixed in Tambourine studios by Daniel Zqaty. Instant kamera was originally a simple rocksong, but Zqaty thought it would work better with percussions to give it some more of a dance beat, and we agreed. The lyrics are a pastiche about youth culture, as it's portrayed in commercials and "College"-films. Sink or swim is Buzzcocks playing a Motown song, with lyrics about sinking. (Or is it swimming?) 2 four in my pickup is a catchy punkpop singalong that tells a story of a summer, out with friends, having a ball and seizing the day. Greatest dancer is a rabid Chihuahua chasing its own tail, with lyrics about the kingdom of the dancefloor. It could be about sex also, who knows?! Who will be the Greatest dancer? The final song, Carrot man, works like a hammerdrill on valium, telling about the dangers of going deep in the habit of smoking illegal substances.