Vibrcd 41
1.Instant kamera (remix)

Released 10th of November 1997.
The new songs for this single were recorded as before with Zqaty, but this time the tracks were mixed at Traxton Studios in Stockholm in the autumn of 1997. Why the remix? Because the company thought we should give Instant kamera another chance, and we didn't want to release it twice in the same version. Lightbulb is a simple pop-punk tune that actually was created around a delayloop that Magnus made at practice. Two chords and lyrics about obsession and jealousy were added, and that was it. We didn't use the loop when we recorded it. Underachiever is a pretty straight forward punky rock tune with some twangy guitar. The lyrics are about a proud underachiever.
There was also a video, directed by Martin Kann, made for the single.