Team Dipper

Smoke'em if you got'em

Name Harri Kolari
Date/place of birth 26/7 1965 in Varkaus, Finland
Formative Years Moved to Bromölla, Sweden with my parents at the age of four. Stayed there too long, through school and working at different places e g, a scrapyard. Got away and moved first to Sölvesborg and later on to Lund. After some time in Lund, I moved to Malmö, and I like it here.
Earlier Bands It all began with 57 Kez in 1979. Punk rock on the move. The next step was Svea Svin/Tre onda män, for five years. Musical experiments with IBTV and Geist simultaneously. There was some 60's garage punk with Snuffmovie Watchers, and some heavy experimental trash with Vampires of Justice at the end of the 80's/beginning of the 90's. As I moved down to Lund I did nothing for a while, until I joined the motley crew of Dipper at the end of '94. Right now I also play the bass in the Heavy Metal band Blastrock
Other interesting facts Studied philosophy, history and the history of ideas at the University of Lund. Instruments: Bass in 57 Kez, Geist, Vampires of Justice and Dipper. Guitar in IBTV, and Snuffmovie Watchers. Drums in Svea Svin/Tre onda män.
Besides rock music I like to read a lot, play with my cat Frasse and my daughter Lydia, take rides with my bike and listen to the music in my head, watch sports on TV; especially hockey (NHL), soccer, and cycling, and make strange music on the computer as "Scary".
Message to the world "Christmas with the Devil, it's gonna be a Hell of a party."


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