Geist was one of the bands I played in the mid-eighties in Bromölla. We tried to be a bit more experimental, but didn't really have the ability. We had a good time though, even if we only did a couple of concerts. The music was inspired by punk, but had influences of the Cure, Joy Division and other similar bands. The lineup was Me; bass and backing vocals, Mikael Persson; vocals, Kenny Olsson; guitar, and Stefan Rausfält; drums. Kenny was later replaced by Thomas Westerdahl on the guitar.
We split up after a couple of years. Mostly because we got bored of it all.
Mikael gave up his musical career but he still hangs around and has moved to Malmö. He appears on the back of the Dipper-single "Butterfinger". The rest of the band went on to form the Snuffmovie Watchers.


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