we're planning to have some exclusives on these pages:
live stuff, from the rehearsals, outtakes and sounds from future releases

One Foot In The Gravy (5 MB)
It's a track from "It Will All End In Tears".
We think it's a good pop song.

Gob To Chew (7.19 MB)
A primitive beating stomper recorded in Tambourine
Studios in the same session
that gave us "Situations".
So you know what's coming.
The title is pretty much the lyric.

Begin (10 MB)
It's a track we played live only a couple of times.
We actually found it pretty hard to get it right,
but in the studio it all clicked.
It's a bit strange and a bit catchy, but mostly pretty Dipper.

Beat The Clock (4.40 MB)
A track from what we refer to as "The Stockholm Sessions"
recorded in what used to be Bob Hund's studio in Stockholm.
Now released as cassette and download.

David Banner (4.44 MB)
included on Groove Magazine free CD spring '05

Dipper theme (1.77 MB)
Rough and tough version from the rehearsals sometimes in the 90's

Running man (3.91 MB)
Plead insanity
(3.69 MB)
A couple of live versions from a concert in Vara in 2003 (I think)

I can't stop myself from giving away a rare live gem: our mindwarping version
of the Devo classic Uncontrollable Urge. It's also from the concert in Vara.
Play it loud in a locked room!
Uncontrollable Urge (4.66 MB)

Seconds (Scary-mix) (5.12 MB)
A remix by Scary of an yet unreleased track.

Situations (5.13 MB)
A track we recorded in Tambourine studios with Mark at the beginning of 2006.
A piece of noisy and annoying punk rock for y'all.

Lipstick (2.04 MB)
This is pretty much what punk-pop is about for us.

The track is from the Seconds album.

Seconds - Outtakes and leftovers 1994 - 2001 (55.06 MB)
Yes, it's the whole album, free to download for you.

Grab it here. If you want to pay for it, go ahead.
If you don't, it's ok.
All donations are very, very welcome and will be used
for the completion of future releases.