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Butterfinger (Vibrcd 20)
1.Butterfinger 2. Borders of Boredom 3. Shaping up

Produced by Zqaty

Instant Man Ep (Vibrcd26)
1. Instant Kamera 2. Sink or Swim 3. 2 Four in my Pickup 4. Greatest Dancer 5. Carrot man
Produced by Zqaty
Instant Man Ep
Instant Kamera (Vibrcd 41)
1. Instant Kamera (remix) 2. Lightbulb
3. Underachiever
Produced by Zqaty
Instant Kamera

They know what to expect and they like it (VIBRCD44)
1. Attention Span 2. Sweatshirts 3. Shaping Up 4. Running Man 5. Employee of the Month 6. Spooky 7. Nightboat to Finland
8. Livingroom Floor 9. Concrete Head 10. Killing is Fun
11. Rattlesnakes
extras: on CD; 2 CD-rom-videotracks (Instant Kamera & Shaping Up), on vinyl (VIBRLP5); extra track TV Dinner
Recorded and Produced by Marco Manieri & Per Sunding

They Know What To Expect and They Like It

Apologetic song / Saturday night wrong (d1)
Düsseldorf recordings 7" vinyl
Recorded by Ola Wentrup
Produced by Ola Wentrup and Patrik Malmros

Seconds - outtakes and leftovers 1994 - 2001 (Dipper 1)
1. Take a Break 2. You own a Tree 3. Tie Break 4. Aim 5. India 6. Date with Mom 7. Pull in the slack 8. Nagasaki 9. Seasick
10. Sandwedge 11. German Confidential 12. Cast Iron 13. Life expectancy 14. Lipstick 15. S-miles 16. Fish 17. Damaged Goods

It Will All End In Tears LP (STT 004)
A1. Arrested A2. Everything Must Break A3. Circumspect A4. One Foot In The Gravy A5. Sick Boy Dub A6. Busy Body B1. Plead Insanity B2. Sick Boy B3. Three Hands B4. Sticky Boy B5. City Of Twist
Recorded and produced by Mattias Oldén and Jesper Gunge

The Stockholm Sessions Cassette (RM 001)
A1. Scrappy Necks A2. Sticky Boy A3. David Banner B1. Beat The Clock B2. They Know What To Expect And They Like It B3. Sensational B4. Seconds
Recorded by Thomas Öberg and John Essing
Vibrafon 8-track sampler 1997 (Vibrcd 32)
Sink or swim (from Instant Man Ep)
Tambourine studios Volume Two (Vibrcd 39)
2 Four in my Pickup (from Instant Man Ep)

Popstad "The future sound of Lund (Lurcd 007)
Shaping up (from Butterfinger single)

Vibrafon 8-track sampler 1998: II (Vibrcd 52)
Concrete Head
Produced by Marco Manieri & Dipper
Vibration 97 10" Vinyl (Vibrep 1)
Concrete Head
Produced by Zqaty Mix by Per Sunding
Instant Kamera (demo version)
Produced by Fredrik Olsson & Dipper
Mersmak Rasslebygden 1997 (BEAT 014)
Tie Break
Produced by Fredrik Olsson & Dipper
Popstad 2000 Malmö (VIBRCD56A/B)
Attention Span (from They know what to expect...)
Produced by Per Sunding
Misch Masch sampler
Damaged Goods
Produced by Marco Manieri & Dipper
Bent Spanner, Arty Banner; Dipper; Haag split (dial 023)
Plead Insanity
Speakerphone recordings 7" vinyl
Recorded and Produced by Herman & Dipper
Groove magazine CD sampler spring '05
David Banner
Recorded and Produced by Bob Hund & Dipper

Lyckan MC Sampler autumn '10
Recorded and Produced by Dipper & Mark

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