Vibrcd 20
1. Butterfinger
2. Borders of boredom
3.Shaping up


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Released in October 1996.
The single Butterfinger was recorded in Tambourine Studios during the summer of 1996, with Daniel Zqaty as producer, and the recording was made before we even had a deal with Vibrafon. Butterfinger is one of the earliest songs made by Dipper, a speedboat punkrock song, with lyrics about adventurous sex. Borders of boredom is a "Wire-ish" punkpop tune that tell us about the middle-class anguish and the damage that people inflict on themselves when they get bored. Shaping up has a slower, more mechanical beat and tells a story about a man trying to get himself together and "shape up". If he only had an idea of how, he surely would. The song was the perfect end for our shows for a long time.