Dipper history as told by Harri Kolari
When I was younger I once saw a concert with a wild band from Helsingborg, called the Kerb Crawlers. I thought they were great and tried to arrange a concert with them and my own band Snuffmovie Watchers. It never came true, but I remembered the Kerb Crawlers. Great band!!

As years passed, I ran into the singer a couple of times at different parties. His name was Joachim, and I learned to know him better while he sang in a band called Scents. We talked and drank and found out we had quite similar musical preferences. Some time later I heard a rumour that he and the guitarist, Magnus, had quit Scents and started a band called Dipper, together with another member of Kerb Crawlers, Patrik. Of course I was interested, and I said so to Magnus. "If you ever need a bassplayer, you'll know where to find me."

I eventually ran into them at a Scents concert where they asked me what I could do. I felt I needed to convince them fast, and said I could play the basslines of every single song by the Stranglers. "Great", they said,"you're in !", and then we went home to my place to celebrate. I thought they sounded good (a little bit like Superchunk), and they kept on talking about bands like Birthday Party, Hunters & Collectors and Dead Kennedys, bands I really like.

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We played our first concert in January 1995 at "Mejeriet" in Lund, where we also practice. Since then there's been no turning back. We've kept it going, playing at festivals and venues all over Sweden and Denmark. Of course we've had our doubts at times, but most of the time it's been fun. We got a record deal in 1996 with Vibrafon Records and have got some attention from the media. Even though we lost the deal with Vibrafon in 2001, I think we're pretty lucky to have gotten this far. But to quote Jimi Tenor ;
" I've realised, the harder you work the luckier you get."
We just keep on playing and making new songs, and friends and fans encourage us to release tracks on samplers and vinyl singles.